Founder Story - Matt

Founder Story - Matt

Husband, father, business guy, beach lover, foodie. 

My own health journey certainly hasn’t been linear. At various times I’ve been very out of shape, super fit, and everything in between.

Now in my 40s, I'm definitely out to make the most of life's second half! To do that I'm returning to the writings of my OG health mentor, Mark Sisson.

In 2013 I followed Mark's 'Primal Blueprint' to transform my body (losing 20kg/44lb in 6 months), mostly by focusing on quality whole foods like protein from healthy animals, lower carbs, heaps of fresh veg, and good fats. I felt terrific.

And just when I had this healthy lifestyle down, life happened! We had kids, we went through a super rough patch following the pandemic, and I got myself a solid Dad bod. When life is hard, it's hard to be good!

Skip was created to help us all #skipthehassle in getting essential foods and nutrients that are missing from our modern diets (but which our bodies evolved to consume for optimal health) back into our daily routines, effortlessly.

For information about why we believe (and so much research points to) that collagen is essential for a healthy body, check out our Collagen FAQs here. 

Thankfully our family is now onto the next exciting chapter of our life, and I look forward to sharing snippets from my own journey to become stronger and healthier in all areas.