Two Trees Planted With Every Sale

  • Ecologi Partner

    We believe in giving back, so for every order, we will plant 2 trees with our sustainability partner Ecologi.

  • Sustainably Using the Whole Animal

    All our collagen is the highest quality - always grass fed animals, wild-caught fish, and free range eggs - created using parts of the animal that otherwise go to waste.

  • Global Impact

    By sourcing only the best produce, and planting trees around the world with Ecologi, we are making a big impact in our own small way.

A Sustainable Business

It is important for us to have a sustainable business, for the future and for the planet our kids will inherit.

We source the highest quality grass-fed beef, free range chicken & eggs, and wild caught fish.

We then use the parts of these animals that would otherwise go to waste to create highly bio-available, easily dissolved collagen peptides to nourish our bodies from within.

We plant 2 trees per order as our way of thanking the universe for our good fortune.

Every time you purchase, 2 trees are planted through our sustainability partner, Ecologi.

We know how good it feels to give back!

Where are the trees planted?

We have partnered with Ecologi to plant trees across the globe, wherever they are most needed.

Trees are planted by local villagers to provide an income to them, and at least 10% of planted trees provide food, fodder or construction materials.

Forest guards are appointed to protect new plantings, and reforestation zones are independantly audited.

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