Woman 's hand turning on blender containing a pink smoothie

The best ways to take collagen

There is a BIG difference in enjoyment between taking collagen the right way, and the wrong way. 

Here's how to get the best from your Skip Nutrition collagen blend:

When to take collagen:

Take collagen in the morning and/or just before you go to bed. Collagen helps you feel less hungry and can also help you sleep better so these two times are best. (Energy boosting blends are best taken in the morning though!)

How to take it:

Hot drinks + collagen: A match made in heaven!

But be sure to add collagen to your cup FIRST, then pour over hot liquid (hotter the better to fully dissolve - don't worry you won't hurt it).

Stir in with a spoon or use a stick milk frother.

Recommended HOT drinks to add collagen to: Coffee (our favorite!), Hot Cocoa, Teas, Warm milk, Latte, Chai.

Cold drinks + collagen: Collagen's a protein so it will be harder to mix in cold liquids. 

We recommend blending into a flavorful smoothie. For juices or iced teas, ideally use a stick milk frother for zero lumps.

Recommended COLD drinks to add collagen to: Smoothies, Juices, Milkshakes, Ice Coffee/Tea.

Not recommended:  We do NOT recommend mixing unflavored collagen with WATER, especially cold water - that is not a nice drink!

(Our Vitality Boost is lightly berry flavored so that works as the exception, but it's still better in a smoothie!)