But isn't it better to get collagen from food?

But isn't it better to get collagen from food?

It sure is! But who has time to make the labor of love that is bone broth these days? 

The only true food sources of collagen are bone broth, some organ meats, meat and fish on the bone (yep that includes the cartilage, skin, bones, joint materials etc) and egg shell membranes. Quite a short and not very delicious list really!

Spoiler alert: Other foods may help boost collagen production or help make collagen more bio-available in the body, but there isn't any actual collagen in things like leafy greens and red peppers. No, vegan collagen is not possible. 

So our options for ingesting enough collagen to fix our wrinkles, heal out gut, make sure our joints don't creak as we get older are fairly limited in terms of modern foods. Sure if you have time to make liters of bone broth, enjoy eating fish skin, make a lot of slow cooked meals with meat on the bone etc then maybe you are getting enough collagen to not require supplementing with collagen powder.

But if you are like us mere mortals, cooking and eating like our grandparents is not something we can do easily. 

So that's where supplementing with a pure, tried and tested, enhanced collagen powder like ours, can really have amazing benefits for your body and overall health.

Cheers to that!